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Sahasra Crop Science Pvt. Ltd is a leading sustainable agri-inputs company established in 2013 and is one of the most renowned companies in the agro sector in India today. Sahasra manufactures and promotes eco-friendly organic agricultural products that are an invaluable aid in the enhancement of soil health and foliar nourishment with highly potent nutrients and rich organic carbon compounds that are a source of delight to every crop.

We Can Create more than you Expect:

Sahasra has established a State of Art Research & Development center to create eco-friendly organic agri-input products. The research team has invested extensive effort into developing and practicing organic cultivation, ensuring the quality of these products. This helps to protect the soil, surrounding flora, and fauna, and improve the organic components and water-holding capacity of the soil. Overall, this supports the farming community in maintaining the natural state of the soil.

“Protect Our Soil Today For Our Children Tomorrow” - Our Motto


Sahasra constantly strives to add multi-dimensional value to the agricultural community while aiming to make agriculture and livestock farming a rewarding profession, through our extensive, well-funded research that yields powerful, innovative, and revolutionary agri-input products.


Sahasra envisions being among the most reputed biotechnology companies, serving the farming community through a wide range of eco-friendly, cost-effective, and high-quality organic agri-input products, and endeavor to be the flag bearer of the modern and sustainable agriculture segment in India.

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