Farmer Training Programs:

A number of scientists and industry experts from the company participate in crop pest orientation programs and interact with farmers.

Farmers are educated on issues like the correct and judicious use of

  • Plant protection agro-chemicals
  • Proper and balanced use of fertilizers
  • Proper seed treatment methods

The Agri-care programs comprise Scientific discussions based on

  • Research findings
  • Adoption of new technology
  • Interactive farmer experiences
  • Practical problems faced by the farmers

Village Meetings:

Agri-extension staff at Sahasra organize village meetings to educate farmers about pest and disease management.

  • Throughout the region, these meetings are held to ensure farmers have access to this vital information.
  • Based on each region's specific needs, effective recommendations and appropriate solutions are provided.
  • Agricultural topics such as soil health, irrigation techniques, and crop rotation are discussed in depth.
  • In areas they may not fully understand, farmers should ask questions and seek clarification.
  • Additionally, the meetings foster a sense of community among farmers from different villages, who share their experiences and learn from one another.
  • A strong and cohesive agricultural community is built through the exchange of information and ideas.
  • Meetings play a vital role in ensuring the success and sustainability of agriculture in the region.

Steps Taken for Yield Demonstrations:

  • Based on factors such as soil type, weather patterns, and crop varieties, the Agri-extension staff determines the best locations for yield demonstrations.
  • In the demonstrations, farmers in the selected areas are educated about pest and disease problems that can affect their crops.
  • Agri-extension staff provide pest and disease management recommendations and solutions.
  • Farmers are informed of the potential increases in yields that can be achieved through the use of technology.
  • During the demonstrations, yields of crops grown with and without technology are compared.
  • Demonstrations and on-farm trials provide farmers with hands-on experience of the technology.
  • Agri-extension staff conduct follow-up visits to assess the impact of the demonstrations and address any concerns farmers may have.
  • As a result of the yield demonstrations, farmers gain knowledge and skills to improve their yields and therefore contribute to the community's economic growth and development.

Focus Group Discussions:

Discussions with Farmers from various crop regions and varying land holdings are conducted by our Agri Extension team post- and pre-season

  • Conduct regular check-ins with farmers to identify any challenges they are facing during the cropping season, such as pest and disease problems, weather-related issues, or irrigation challenges.
  • Provide timely and effective solutions to address these challenges and ensure that they do not significantly impact crop yields.
  • Work with farmers to develop cropping plans for the next season, taking into account any lessons learned from the current season and any changes in weather patterns or market demands.
  • Help farmers select appropriate crops based on their soil type, water availability, and market demand.
  • Provide guidance on techniques that can improve crop yields, such as the use of fertilizers, crop rotation, and intercropping.

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